Nails & Else, Nail Salon

Nails and Else is a premier Nail Salon on NIBM road in Pune, offering you the highest quality Nail Spa services. If you desire beautiful nail extensions, nail art services or simply want to pamper yourself with pedicure and manicure, we offer you the best nail spa experience and service that you will find in Pune. We will be delighted to schedule a luxurious experience for you. Call us to book an appointment !!

Detailed list of the services that we offer

Nail Extensions and Nail Art

Nail Art is expressing creative beauty on your fingernails as well as toenails in order to enhance their beauty. Our team of skilled technicians constantly churn out new and innovative designs for our clients.


A beauty enhancement treatment for your fingernails which requires the filing and shaping of your nails & nail polish application. The treatment is topped with the application of various liquids and massage of the hand.


It is the same process as manicure, but for your toenails. Both of these processes significantly release stress and help remove body tension, as well as provide a way to improve your nails’ beauty.

Nails and Else commitment

Highest level of professionalism is the core value here. Client satisfaction by providing the best nail's services in Pune is our basic goal. Our team has great experience in all aspects of Nail care industry. With a very friendly, skilled and experienced team we provide exceptional nail extension, nail art and many more services of the highest quality using award winning products in hygienic environment. If you are looking for the best Nail Spa near you or if you want the best Nail salon near you, simply visit Nails & Else salon at NIBM road Pune. At Nails & Else Nail salon every client is welcomed by warm and friendly staff, who will ensure you feel and look More Beautiful Than Ever !!!!

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What our Clients say and feel ......

" ....If you are looking for a great experience and beautiful nails, this is the place to be. Talented technicians ensure the most beautiful art with ease. Anjali is a perfect host, and the time I spend there is like a coffee date with a friend. Love the ambience, the whole energy of the place. I look forward to getting my nails done. If u are a gal who loves her nail art this is the place to be....."